Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fragile Strength...We Love Weakness

If you think you read this blog before; you havent. Keep reading. I went to work this morning like any other. It is a beautiful morning in Nashville; the sky is slathered with brilliant oranges along the edges of clouds as the sun climbs up from the dark cold night. I have a million thoughts this morning; but I will attempt to blog them one at a time. I witnesssed something this morning that defies explanation. A wreck that ALMOST happened.

I am driving down 6 lanes of traffic at a "comfortable 60 mph" when I notice a cloud of smoke ahead of me about 4 car lengths pop up. It's the thick dark blue/black rubber kind of smoke; immediately followed by the burning rubber smell. As the smoke cleared and I slowed, it became visible. An 18-wheeler had locked its brakes to avoid a worse tradgedy. My eyes followed the black melted smoking scratches on the asphalt to a near union of metals. There was a woman in a forest green Nissan Titan Truck facing the opposite way on the interstate with another silver truck only inches from the passenger side front fender. The woman and I made eye contact as traffic stopped to allow her to cross two lanes to right her direction. I saw NO dings or hanging metals or sign of what should have been a horrible sight. Traffic continued back to its pace with the 18 wheeler now along side me in the parallel lane. I never saw where the woman went; but I will give her kudos for looking most well-composed and handling her vehicle well this Wednesday I24W morning.

We, "people" are so very fragile. There are few days that go by that you don't hear of someone losing an arm or leg or life in some turn of events. How easily our parts are pinched off by unyielding metal, mass or force. Oh sure, we can operate and make some repairs through modern medicine; but it's never quite the same. We lack the power to go back and make what happened NOT happen. We lack the power to unharm ourselves; only to "choose" to recover to the best of our limited ability. Some say that "we" are all little "Gods."

Well we AIN'T! Isn't it odd that weakness is really the norm. How many 'Rocky's' are running around boxing? How many other Titans are there worth remembering? Take Bill Clinton (she did; but Hillary took him back)... He lied to us and a million other things; but really, we luv some good ole Bill Clinton. Bill is for the people. Was he weak, yep, on some fronts. That's OK! We ALL ARE and we like that in leaders. We feel more connected. Sure, everybody laughed and scoffed at the testimonies inspite of Americans not running out to buy blue dresses. Still...most LOVE Bill. Maybe it was because gas was cheaper. Maybe we like great neckties. Maybe there is a little hypocrit in everyone. Maybe we even enjoy the magic of musicians — music apparantly is like a moral credit card — no glove required....maybe fame is the more appropriate word.

Sure there are some great role models out there. But by and large, the ultimate legal defense remains...."but what would YOU have done." Hmm...somehow when the light is shown back on us....we decline comment and walk away as history continues writing in the sand; only to look up and inquire of its accusers.... What will be our contribution to history --- to waller in the mud of mediocrity and dip in the pool of the odd normal so we can exit like everyone else......


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