Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sundown in Christmastown!

One of my other favorite parts of Christmas are the spectacular fights! Every year I look for my favorite cartoon and my favorite movie. They are the things that mark Christmas for me in TV land. These guys are classic. Look at this brute. My, isn't he a handsome one. He loves it hot!!! Nashville is a very warm place this Christmas. It appears there may be no white Christmas in store. The hotter of two brothers, Heat Miser is running the show! Even the reindeer are migrating back north. All his friends complain about the spandex in his wardrobe and that whatever he touches: starts to melt Preferred temperature: 100 degrees Special abilities: Projecting heat rays; concentrating warmth from the sun and heating up geographic areas; making flames appear from thin air Known weaknesses: A bad temper that could lead to impulsive mistakes.

The cooler brother, Snow Miser is a bit scrawnier than HM. This allows him to be easily bullied by his older, wiser brother. He is definitely a momma's boy and all his friends say whatever he touches, turns to snow Preferred temperature: Freezing Special abilities: Projecting "cold" rays; lowering the temperature of geographic areas and causing it to snow; making hats out of snow (and turning them back into snow again) Known weaknesses: Much more relaxed (lazier?) than Heat Miser.

The two are always fighting. This latest rumble has spilled over into the WWF and has become a monsterous brawl. In the end, the victor stood on the head of the other. He is the reining champion for nearly a decade. Click here to see who won.... If only I could turn these two lose on mean holiday shoppers. [...need more dirt on HM and SM, get it all here!]


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Dark New Year of Bright Promise!

dark angel ascending

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened! ...and I looked into the heavens like a long stranger cast from a comfortable home, enraged by my absense. No longer will I walk or be denied access to the sky. I will FLY the furious soar of destiny! This will be the year....

That's my motto going into the new year. I have waited and paid dues for long enough. One can only poise on the ledge so long; then he must fall or jump. I choose to fling myself mercilessly upward with a prisioners and no captives....


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who Really Decides...

US Obesity at an All-Time High
And Wisconsin's health statistics highlight the consequences.

According to recent statistics from national and international health organizations, Americans are among the fattest people on earth. The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that in the United States, obesity has risen at an epidemic rate during the past 20 years. Dr. Jennifer Zebrack, Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine) at the Medical College of Wisconsin, reports that 34% of all Americans are overweight – defined as having a Body Mass Index of 25.0 to 29.9 – and 30.5% are obese, defined as having a Body Mass Index of 30.0 or higher. Dr. Zebrack points out that it’s not just adults who are becoming problematically heavy, but children and adolescents as well; about 13% of children and adolescents in the US are now seriously overweight. Read More....

Isn't it odd that the world of "high fashion" is inundated with models size "0" or less when most women seem are of a far different proportion. It must be tough being today's American Woman. Children are even getting plastic surgery. Every magazine cover I see reads: "lose this, cut that, you're too, be better, etc." Is there ever a point that someone will say, "hey, you're perfect just the way you are, please, don't ever change..." Oh, nevermind, the world is run by men's desires and fantasies and nobody likes to be left out; hence a self-perpetuating market.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The GRINCH...a real american hero!

Micheal, the Grinch

I only have a few heros. I rarely get "star-struck" as it were; and I have met a few. One of my most enduring heroes and I use the term lightly; perhaps favorite mascot is more appropriate, is the GRINCH. Great love wrapped in a maleable wrapper. He's got cool little feet, squirrly fingers and a wienny dog to boot. Great colors leave everyone else green with envy.

The Smell of Rot; change or be changed...

There are very few things that really ever just stay the same. In fact, the only thing I can find that doesn't change is change! Everything changes one way or the other. Either you change it or it changes you; either way, change wins. I remember being someone who changed often; just for the thrill and the unpredictability it generated by the onlookers. Having tried so many things, I reached a point of pick and choose what to change and/or keep the same. That experience has led me to rely on my instincts almost 99% of the time. Occassionally, I am surprisingly wrong; but I save those for one hand.

It doesn't take long to see beyond a person or situation or location and see, even begin to smell the stench of rot. What do I mean by that? (I thought you would never ask) As change happens, we should begin to notice and evaluate ourselves based on the frequency of situations or consequences ..... common denominators of our character, if you will. I have often been quoted at "fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, I don't think so!" While on the surface it sounds like a good montra; the seductive underbelly breeds a contempt for humanity, a lack of trust (for good) in people and/or life. That's one of my things I have to keep in check. Fruit on a tree that isn't picked, rots. People who don't learn, rot. Minds that aren't fed, rot. Restraint that isn't exercised, rots. So many degrees of rot; but in the end, rot is rot.

Sometimes, its hard to remain positive in any form or fashion. However; that's typically just a "brain trick" — too much emotion in the place of rationale. Those two have to be kept in opposite corners. The skirt of emotion is far too short for the eyes of logic. [...that's another blog for another day...] I hate to see good potiential go to waste; even if its mine. It is hard to stay focused, dilligent, looking for the next or newest piece of knowledge, to maintain a constant mental hunger; but that is what I consider a major dogma of arriving at a "ripe ole age" with very little, if any "rot." Someone once said, "vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." What an incredible quote. I NEVER want to be blind; I just don't want to only see what is "presented" for me; the art of looking beyond, through and past are FAR more appetising! Cry Havok, and let lose the rotting dogs who love war!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fragile Strength...We Love Weakness

If you think you read this blog before; you havent. Keep reading. I went to work this morning like any other. It is a beautiful morning in Nashville; the sky is slathered with brilliant oranges along the edges of clouds as the sun climbs up from the dark cold night. I have a million thoughts this morning; but I will attempt to blog them one at a time. I witnesssed something this morning that defies explanation. A wreck that ALMOST happened.

I am driving down 6 lanes of traffic at a "comfortable 60 mph" when I notice a cloud of smoke ahead of me about 4 car lengths pop up. It's the thick dark blue/black rubber kind of smoke; immediately followed by the burning rubber smell. As the smoke cleared and I slowed, it became visible. An 18-wheeler had locked its brakes to avoid a worse tradgedy. My eyes followed the black melted smoking scratches on the asphalt to a near union of metals. There was a woman in a forest green Nissan Titan Truck facing the opposite way on the interstate with another silver truck only inches from the passenger side front fender. The woman and I made eye contact as traffic stopped to allow her to cross two lanes to right her direction. I saw NO dings or hanging metals or sign of what should have been a horrible sight. Traffic continued back to its pace with the 18 wheeler now along side me in the parallel lane. I never saw where the woman went; but I will give her kudos for looking most well-composed and handling her vehicle well this Wednesday I24W morning.

We, "people" are so very fragile. There are few days that go by that you don't hear of someone losing an arm or leg or life in some turn of events. How easily our parts are pinched off by unyielding metal, mass or force. Oh sure, we can operate and make some repairs through modern medicine; but it's never quite the same. We lack the power to go back and make what happened NOT happen. We lack the power to unharm ourselves; only to "choose" to recover to the best of our limited ability. Some say that "we" are all little "Gods."

Well we AIN'T! Isn't it odd that weakness is really the norm. How many 'Rocky's' are running around boxing? How many other Titans are there worth remembering? Take Bill Clinton (she did; but Hillary took him back)... He lied to us and a million other things; but really, we luv some good ole Bill Clinton. Bill is for the people. Was he weak, yep, on some fronts. That's OK! We ALL ARE and we like that in leaders. We feel more connected. Sure, everybody laughed and scoffed at the testimonies inspite of Americans not running out to buy blue dresses. Still...most LOVE Bill. Maybe it was because gas was cheaper. Maybe we like great neckties. Maybe there is a little hypocrit in everyone. Maybe we even enjoy the magic of musicians — music apparantly is like a moral credit card — no glove required....maybe fame is the more appropriate word.

Sure there are some great role models out there. But by and large, the ultimate legal defense remains...."but what would YOU have done." Hmm...somehow when the light is shown back on us....we decline comment and walk away as history continues writing in the sand; only to look up and inquire of its accusers.... What will be our contribution to history --- to waller in the mud of mediocrity and dip in the pool of the odd normal so we can exit like everyone else......