Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lurking Reality Reflected

The reflection of our nature leaves us screaming "monsters"
like madmen in the shadow of the moon hiding from the Son.

The monsters and the evils of the world all begin with human existence. Even from birth, some humans are just plain bad. Occassionally, even the mother must admit the truth and cower in fear and humiliation. Perhaps they come from somewhere else that way. Perhaps at the time of conception, they were injected with evil. Perhaps man's basic nature ultimately finds its way to the surface as evil. I don't fear demons or monsters. Everything dies or can be led to that end. Only one being has the ultimate say in the universe and sometimes, when I am not myself, He calls me friend. In theory, a coin has two sides. In theory, it will land on one side just as easily as the other. In theory, it takes no more energy to choose light than dark. In reflection, the coin did not start from 90 degrees; but 45 toward the darkest of directions. 90 degrees was re-established at the cross. It may have been old and rugged; but it wasn't leaning.


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