Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Are We Who We Think We Are?

We have studied the earth. We have studied its creatures. We have studied ourselves. Does that knowledge equal fact or perception? Can our perceptions mold fact?

I have been watching a fantastic show on NBC called Heroes on Monday nights. The Plot: A group of seemingly ordinary people around the world discover that they may have incredible special abilities. However, with responsibility comes terrible danger as they try to come together and avoid those who would like to capture them. A male nurse begins having strange dreams in which he can fly and begins to wonder if he really can, a 15 year old cheerleader finds out that she is indestructible and can regenerate and heal, an online stripper struggling to support her son, begins to see her strange and terrifying images of herself in the mirror and wonders if her reflection is alive, a junkie painter can paint future events, and a struggling Japanese businessman finds out he can not only manipulate time, but that he can also time travel as well. As they discover their powers, evil begins to hunt them in the form of a powerful and shady businessman/scientist who wants to find out more about them.

I am thrilled by the possibility that "ordinary" people can evolve into "extraordinary" beings but still appear just the same as everyone else. I grew up on mutants and aliens; not to mention, great power at the price of permanent disfugurement. But those are old heroes and villians. Personally, I don't know that it would have mattered to me whether hero or villian so long as I had the great power. Sad; but honest. I am not sure that has changed. Besides, one man's hero is another man's villian. What are we to ourselves vs to everyone else? What greatness lies betwixt the folds of our brain's unused portions?



Anonymous said...

I too love this new program. It reminds me of the comic books of my youth and of the current (new age) old thinking. We all have powers we don't tap into or eve believe that we have. Hero's reminds us that even the simplest amonst us might be "Superman/woman" or pehaps we are walking next to Christ in an ordinary form. Cool..cool show.
I enjoy your blog. Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
XXX Jolie

Anonymous said...

believe it or not...I really can spell.(Smile) apparently not tonight. J-