Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Scars; Mortal Proof

Those who are not scarred BY history will be scarred FROM it.

There is something horrible than senseless tradgedy. While some things can be avoided had we just taken someone's advice, damage happens; carnage occurs. The universe is bent on it.
What happens when the reality of scars clashes with the morality of a generation? Scars don't hide well. They show up. They creep into our lives and overflow into other people's realities for generations to come. Scars are our badges, our proof that we exist in spite of ourselves or the world around us. We faced the world and kept surviving. What doesn't kill us; makes us stronger or does it? Can you count the fatherless? Can you number the homeless? Are we ravaged with single-parent homes? Are we drinking, whoring, wasting, pimping ourselves away? Are we dying from the inside out? Will we now turn and enslave ourselves?


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