Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Power of Lonliness

Lonliness — the world is loaded with people who experience it daily. I have rarely had a problem with being "alone" but I have occassionally been lonely. I rather fancy being "alone" for the most part; other than my typical quality time. Lonlines has the power to focus one in on oneself. If you don't like who your with, you're screwed. You are with you everywhere you go. I suspect most are afraid of being with themselves for fear of what they might discover. I typically have know what there was to discover and have little fear of such revelations. It's hard work being alone and equally hard to enjoy the loud solitude of lonliness. I guess I was lucky, though it didnt feel like it at the time, I grew up alone and lonely most of my life. I grew to enjoy it and accept that I was occassionally different from other people who preferred to be somewhere else. Now it's all the more true..."I" prefer to be without them.


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