Friday, August 04, 2006

Dark Friday, Thunder Asunder!

The ground shook in fear from the terrible approach of angry thunder. The light had been chased away by the black clouds beginning to congregate heavily outside my window. I knew there was trouble coming. Anyone would have known...all the signs were there. I tried to remain calm; keeping my head cleared just in case I needed my brains more than good sense. It was no secret how much I loved storms. The question that began to creep in wasn't love; but an overwhelming sense of danger. Was it just my sixth sense or an overactive imagination realizine the brute force of nature.

As I continued looking out the window, I noticed the American Flag being whipped in the wind across the street; bellowing in the rage of the wind...writhing like whelps on human skin. The litter scampered from the ground to the sky, sauntering in altitudes as the wind whisked along the cold gray aspalt. It was building. Everything was in chorus with the approaching storm. It's hostile takeover of everything not nailed to the ground was more than apparant. Trees began to bow to the coming wind gods like subjects to merciless royalty.

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