Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cacoon of Flesh

I have come to see the body as merely a cacoon for the spirit. The spirit lives on after we, the body, are melted away into the earth of its origins. This invisible energy that is injected or wrapped by this cacoon of flesh has great and alarming capacities. We struggle to understand it; but really, we are clueless to its real potential. We spend a great deal of effort and fuss on something that is going to be torn apart like expensive wrapping paper on a 2 yr old's birthday gift. We daily feed the spirit inside with very little consideration of what is good for it; but more so for the worthless cacoon wrapped around it. Then we wake up some day much more aged than before and wonder why our spirit has cancer...closely followed by rage toward God for not fixing it or stopping it from happening to us. The horrifying truth: we subjected ourselves to an outcome of our own choices and appetites.


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