Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Alternate Hell, Dungeon of the Mind!

Assume Your Throne!

In the before time, I was always afraid that someday I would wake up to discover I was someone else or that my identity had been hidden from me until a specific time. Not that it makes any sense; but it happened just the same. Sometimes, I am still not sure it's not true. I only hope it is someone good.

Biblically speaking, Paul urges us to constantly renew our minds. This concept refers to our knowledge of the scriptures, as well as the power of refreshing that comes from remembering the reasons for our choices, successes and most victorious moments. Since the human is such a fantasticly designed machine, the power of it's mind allows memories to recreate the "energy" from any remembered moment; even as far down as the sensation of the smell, temperature, texture, heartbeat, etc. of said moment and revive them into the "now" no matter how long ago.

Biblically speaking, we are also warned not to "covet," which is wanting something someone else has. Again, whatever we harness the power of our focus upon, becomes our state of mind. The human is capable of great good and even worse evil. There is so much to be said about what we as people can actually do. Created a bit lower than the angels, Man is given some "god-like" powers and dominion over the earth with a charge to become "Christ-like," who is fully man and fully God. I am not sure I have my brain wrapped ALL the way around that one yet...but what a skull full. Anyway, there are oodles of "success stories" that involve people who set their mind to something or decided many years ago that some event/situation was going to take place and they kept that dream until it manifested. Hence; the power of the mind is not to be taken lightly and if we should dare to vent it on the torment of someone else; woe unto them and us.

I guess the point of all this is whatever you get out of it. Don't limit yourself or your mind to irrelevant creates very tiny, dark dungeons. It so easy to give up at the things we fail at often; but tomorrow does not have to be determined by today or yesterday. At the same time, actions have consequences. Think wisely.


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J. G. said...

Good post! First off I would like to thank you for stopping by my blog and remembering me! Your words are very inspiring and its nice to hear someone cares even though we don't know eachother.