Monday, July 31, 2006

We Are What We Eat, Hear, See!

I was driving down the interstate Saturday and something caught my eye. It was a poor baby choking in the back seat of a car! No, no sibling sitting in the back seat with their hands around the little one's neck...maybe it was worse. Instead two parents sitting in the front seats were smoking up a storm. There were no windows cracked or down. I had to turn away as I thought about little Johnny in the back seat choking on second hand smoke. I continued thinking about it.

If there were someone actually hurting their baby, I bet they would be up in arms.
I bet if someone were praying about God around their baby, they would be up in arms.
I bet if someone were feeding their child poison, they would be up in arms.

How odd the normal has become.

I wonder how much more careful I should be when not paying attention to what I see, hear and eat. Are we not all just large fetuses with invisible cords connected to our friends, the media and our own selfish wants/ambitions drinking in desperate hopes of choking long before the pain sets in from seeing all the dark pain, despair and junk littering our everyday lives?

Thank God for love and Jesus — or there really would be NO HOPE for us and our appetites......


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