Friday, July 28, 2006

The Value of Time -- Lost, Cherished, Missed...MORE!

Here it begins....the "now." It's always now when it's a question of when. Everyone wants more time; and when it's all gone — it isn't more money, cars, chicks, dudes, houses, trips or etc. that people want more of. It's time! Whoa be unto the day when we figure out how to bottle or sell more time.

Even our memories will be bottled someday and sold. What is science fiction today is tomorrow's reality. The world is being prepared for many "unmentionables" to come including "contact" which may undermine every check and balance we are acustomed to enjoying or ignoring.

On the other hand...the image above really generates some other thoughts about another blog topic/idea. Hmmm...."oh the mind when it studies......"


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