Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Death Lurking in Life

L — I — F — E! It's the thing we wade thru each day ...
moaning til it has fallen into yesterday so we can begin the same lathargic crawling swagger again.

I see it lurking...death.....right in the middle of life. It's the one thing that stops every hope, dream and destiny in one felled swoop. It has the power to stop the greatest juggernaut in its tracks, immoblized like marble at just the thought of it. Is it philosophical mumbo jumbo....."death lurking in the middle of life?"

LIfe and Death are the same coin; just opposite sides, carried in the pockets of Time or Eternity. Time is the left pocket, opposite of Eternity...which has a hole in it. Eternity tends to be air-tight, no runs, drips or errors....just perfectly continual. Anyway, back to the death in life. There it is lurking right in the middle of life. It's "i f!" If has the power to stop the biggest juggernaut or the cockiest pig — using the worst doubts against one's only fears. "I F"...ringing in the distance like the churchbell at a large funeral, snickering like the first wind before Halloween and running behind every nook and cranny like a desperate mouse just before winter, scurring around for last minutes and last chances. IF... ...it's just two little letters sitting innocently, propped at the boot of 'L' and the back of 'E."


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